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Salam Alaykum! My name is Mostafa Hahani and I am the owner of Omega Tour, the leader in customizable and prepackaged tours all around Morocco.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my company’s website.

I hope one day soon you’re visiting my country!

Ever since my childhood in the historic old medina of Fes, I have had a passion for helping visitors to Morocco discover the depth of my country’s beauty, culture, and history.

Now as an adult, I too am a traveler and love sharing in traveling’s many joys: meeting new people, sharing ideas and stories, exploring new cities and landscapes, and learning about different ways of life.

Simultaneously, I’ve striven to nurture ties to my community by participating and leading in literacy, environmental, and youth associations.

Still, over the years, having held more and more positions in tourism all across Morocco, such as guide, driver, and travel agent, I’ve been able to develop my passion for traveling into a career.

Now I’ve combined all my know-how into one company, which I’m proud to say is at the forefront of the Moroccan tourism industry: OmegaTour.

I understand the ins and outs of this industry better than anyone.

To be frank, there are many dishonest travel companies.

They cut corners, gouge prices, and work under the table with sellers to lure tourists into making unwanted purchases.

This can make a visitor feel uncomfortable, spoil their experience, and make them return home with a bad impression of Morocco

OmegaTour is different.

Our company is guided by 5 key values: honesty, tolerance, trust, politeness, and professionalism.

We deeply believe in putting our customers’ experience, wellbeing, and needs first and foremost.

After all, this is YOUR trip to Morocco—we want to work hard to make it just as you like it.

And we work with a broad network of good people all over Morocco, all of whom we have selected to make sure they share our commitment to these values.

We also believe that open and free communication is important.

We want to know if you want to keep a tight schedule, go fast, and visit as much as possible.

We want to know if you don’t like rushing and you want to go at a slower pace.

Either is fine! And in order to keep our communication open, we’ll even give you a free phone for the whole duration of your trip!

You’ll notice on our website that we offer diverse tours, daytrips, and athletic and cultural activities.

These are designed based off popularity and our many experiences in working with tourists.

However, any tour, excursion, or activity can be altered or added on to in ANY way you like.

Interested in doing the Imperial Cities Tour but also want to go trekking in the Atlas Mountains for 3 days too?

We can arrange that!

Taking a Desert Tour when you fall in love with the peaceful calm of the sand dunes and decide you want to spend some more time there?

As you wish! Staying at a beachside resort in Tangier and decide you want to sleep in?

Feel free! Our goal is to make your trip to Morocco perfect and we understand the need to be flexible to work around your wants and needs.

Thank you again for your interest not only in our website, but also in our country.

We at OmegaTour humbly hope that we will have the honor of helping you discover all the beauty of Morocco.

Mustafa Hahani

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Have a look at these reviews, or just go to OmegaTour’s TripAdvisor Page and read about us from 100+ of our satisfied customers!

Omega Tour also works with international documentary teams to create professional quality Moroccan promotional materials.

Our latest customer, Travel Channel China, visited us in January, 2016.

We organized their entire stay in Morocco and brought them to discover the Sahara Desert.

Take a look at their video:



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