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Fez to Taza

friouato cave in taza, morocco

Excursion From Fez to Taza and Friouato Cave

Take a trip DEEP into Morocco by discovering Taza and the subterranean depths of the largest cave in North Africa, the Friouato Cave.

taza, moroccoAfter picking you up at your accommodations in Fez, we will begin our exciting day discovering Taza and the Friouato Cave.

Situated in a historically strategic location between the Rif and Middle Atlas Mountanis, the Taza Gap has long witnessed waves of eastern invaders enter Morocco’s heartland.

The town of Taza was first fortified in the 11th century and has since then enjoyed a rich urban and military history.

Aside from the many winding streets and alleys in Taza’s old town, we will discover other many sights, such as the Bab Jamaa gate, the covered Moulwalb market, the Moulwalb market, and the mighty barbican fortifications that enclose the old town.

Before leaving Taza, we will have lunch at a local restaurant.

excursion to tazaNext we will drive about 30km south of Taza into the outskirts of the Middle Atlas Mountains to discover a sight of incredible natural beauty, the Friouato Cave.

The deepest and most cavernous cave in North Africa, 272 meters of the Friouato Cave have been explored.

Still, its real limits still remain unknown. Depending on your interests, there are two ways to discover the Friouato Cave.

First, you may go down the iron stairway to discover the picturesque cave opening and then come back up.

Or, for those more ambitious souls, you may hire a professional guide and spelunking equipment and actually go into the depths of the cave to marvel at its many different rock formations.

Lastly, we will take a drive around the Taza National Park to discover the area surrounding the Tazekka Mountain (1980m), before heading back to your accommodations in Fez.




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