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Meknes to Rabat

The Hassan Mosque in Rabat Morocco city

Meknes – Rabat – Meknes

Follow in the footsteps of kings and travel from Morocco’s first capital to its stately present-day one: Rabat.

rabat city morocco tourAfter picking you up after breakfast at your accommodations in Meknes, we will hit the highway and drive directly to Rabat.

As Rabat is a sprawling modern city, once arriving in Rabat we will use our car to drive from sight to sight to make the most of our time.

Depending on how early we start, we can spend more time visiting certain sights than others.

We will begin our exploration of Rabat with a visit to the Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohamed V.

A veritable complex of Moroccan royal history, here we’ll see where Morocco’s past meets its future.

Completed in 1199 by the Almohad king Yacub al-Mansour, the Hassan Tower, a UNESCO site, and its 200 collapsed columns have stood as a symbol of royal power in Morocco for over 800 years.

Just next to it, one finds the ornately decorated Mausoleum of Mohamed V, the grandfather of the present king and founder of modern Morocco.

You have the option of visiting these sites with or without a local guide.

rabat city moroccoNext, we will drive to the Kasabah of the Udayas.

This fortified neighborhood has sat perched over the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean since its completion in 1269.

A maze of small streets, ancient stone houses, picturesque doors, and views over the Atlantic Ocean, the Kasabah of the Udayas UNESCO status isn’t just merited by its rich history, but also by its calm beauty.

You have the option of visiting this site with or without a guide.

After a stop for lunch at a nice local restaurant, we will move on to visit the Chella An ancient Roman port city, a Moorish outpost, a fortified necropolis—the Chella of Rabat enjoyed a storied history before becoming the tourist destination it is today.

A winding, unkempt assembly of houses, ruins, streets, and gardens, one wonders if the families of white storks or humans enjoy visiting the Chellah more.

You have the option of visiting this site with or without a guide.

The Hassan Mosque in Rabat Morocco cityThereafter, on our way to visit Rabat’s new and old town, we will drive by the Royal Palace.

If we agree to take a guide, a section of the Royal Palace is able to be visited. Leaving the Royal Palace, we will then discover Rabat’s new town.

Where Morocco meets the modern world, Rabat’s new city, left behind by the French, features many notable sights all connected by a sleek brand-new tram system: the Bank of Morocco, the Postal Museum, and the Saint Peter Cathedral adjacent to this neighborhood, we find Rabat’s old city.

Built over centuries on top of a Roman settlement, the streets of the Rabat old city are the straightest and most orderly of any old city in Morocco.

Enjoy exploring the vibrant markets and the stately Street of Consuls.

After a long day of discovering Rabat, we will take the highway directly back to your accommodations in Meknes.




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